I don’t know MongoDB.

MongoDB an open-source document database structure is NoSQL (no-relation) SQL data in Mongo. It is JSON


In MongoDB it will return the identity id of the document or in SQL. It is the id auto-generated record.

You will know about the topic

  • Install MongoDB Compass — tool for MongoDB
  • CMD with MongoDB Compass: Insert, Delete, Update and Find of the document
  • Cloud service MongoDB Atlas

First Topic

You need to download (MongoDB Compass or MongoDB Community Server)

link download: https://www.mongodb.com/try/download/community

In your computer should have 2 programs installed

After installation complete and start program MongoDB Compass should be like this

In connection, you will connection string for local

click localhost : 27017 or connectionString


It’s a database on localhost 3 DB create default by MongoDB

Now Create DB > click create a database

name: dev

collection name: user >> look like a table SQL

after created click DB dev

See one collection is user

You can test import data with JSON CSV or file For example I will show with basic cmd

Secord Topic

CMD with MongoDB Compass: Insert, Delete, Update and Find of the document

Click console & use db:DEV

use dev

Show collections

show collections


db.user.insertOne( { name: "card", qty: 15 } )

Refresh for check result

_id auto-generate for MongoDB

db.user.insertMany( [{ name: "card16", qty: 16 },{ name: "card17", qty: 17 }] )
  • Find

I add insert one for test find more than one

db.user.insertOne( { name: "card2", qty: 17 } )db.user.find({"qty":17})
  • Delete
  • Update
db.user.insertOne( { name: "card16", qty: 16 } )db.user.insertOne( { name: "card16", qty: 166 } )

Insert 2 record for Test Update

I need to update this record from qty 15 to 155 where name = card

db.user.updateOne({"name":"card"}, {$set : {"qty":"155"}} )
db.user.updateMany({"name":"card16"}, {$set : {"qty":"66"}} )


Cloud service MongoDB Atlas

go to link: https://www.mongodb.com/cloud/atlas/lp/general/try?utm_source=compass&utm_medium=product

After you did register ( free tier cluster )

Click Build a Cluster

select > Cloud Provider

Create Cluster Name ( can’t rename )

Click Create Cluster

wait 1–3 min for creating Cluster

ready to use it

You need to create an account for authentication DB

Click Choose a connection method ( Up to You connect. I will test with MongoDB compass)

Open MongoDB Compass

Ctrl + N or new connection

If you can’t connect

Go to the Network access

Update to you select, I choose to “ALLOW ACCESS FROM ANYWHERE”

Wait 1–2 min for the updated cluster

Let’s go to MongoDB Compass

try again to connect with my cluster


More Information

ref: https://docs.mongodb.com/manual/introduction/